Fee Calculator

Fee Calculator

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** The Average Annual Fee is an estimate only, across all funding clusters (unit disciplines).
Commonwealth Supported students are charged student contribution amounts by unit. Select “I want to price my units” to view specific unit fees.

1 EFTSL is the Equivalent Full Time Study Load for a standard full time enrolment of 48 credit points per year. If you take more/less than 48 credit points per year, your yearly fee may be different.


  1. Select your Fee Type from the list. Click "Help" for descriptions. Then select which year’s fees to see.
  2. Select which Course you're studying. Course information is available by selecting the "i" icon to the left of the course name.
  3. For New 2012 courses, if you have a degree-specific major in mind, select it from the list. If you're not sure, are choosing elective, broadening or complementary units, or are considering a second major, choose "All majors". Find the cost of specific units by selecting the "I want to price my units" button.
  4. Select the year you started your course from the list. Then drag units one at a time from the right column to the lower left box for pricing. Drag a unit back to the right column to remove it from your tally. TIP: the two buttons in the lower right of your screen scroll through the units quickly.

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